CALIX InternationalSalt bricks

Calix International takes great pride in manufacturing handcrafted Salt Bricks for Salt walls and Spa Room Walls. These unique salt bricks are meticulously crafted to bring the beauty and benefits of Himalayan Pink salt to your space. Available in various sizes, our Salt Bricks provide a visually stunning and therapeutic addition to any environment.

In addition to Salt Bricks, we also produce Himalayan Cooking salt slabs. These slabs are made from 100% Natural Himalayan Pink salt and are perfect for grilling, cooking, or serving dishes. Their unique properties impart a subtle and delicate saltiness to your culinary creations, enhancing flavors and adding an elegant touch to your presentation.

At Calix International, we prioritize quality and authenticity in our manufacturing process. Our handcrafted Salt Bricks and Cooking salt slabs are sourced directly from the pristine Himalayan region, ensuring their purity and mineral content.

Experience the beauty and functionality of our Salt Bricks and Cooking salt slabs, bringing the natural wonders of Himalayan Pink salt to your home, spa, or kitchen. Trust Calix International for exceptional craftsmanship and the highest quality products derived from 100% Natural Himalayan Pink salt.

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