CALIX InternationalAnimal Lick Salt

Calix International is proud to manufacture 100% Natural Organic Animal Salt Licks, specially designed to provide numerous benefits to animals. Our handcrafted curved salt licks are made from Himalayan Pink salt, ensuring exceptional purity and mineral content.

The benefits of our Animal Salt Licks are manifold. Firstly, they serve as a valuable source of essential minerals and trace elements, promoting overall health and well-being in animals. The natural composition of Himalayan Pink salt supports proper growth, development, and optimal functioning of bodily systems.

Additionally, our Animal Salt Licks help to stimulate animals' appetite and promote digestion. The presence of salt in their diet encourages them to drink more water, ensuring proper hydration and electrolyte balance. This is particularly beneficial in hot climates or during periods of increased physical activity.

Furthermore, our handcrafted curved design allows for easy access and licking, ensuring that animals receive the right amount of salt intake. The durability of our salt licks ensures they withstand weather conditions and remain long-lasting.

By providing our Animal Salt Licks, you are supporting the overall health, vitality, and performance of your animals. Trust Calix International for superior quality and the natural benefits of Himalayan Pink salt in our 100% Natural Organic Animal Salt Licks.

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